Core Competencies

  • End-to-end systems engineering for laser/EO systems for aerospace, ground and maritime environments and platforms.
  • Development, tracking and configuration control of system requirements.
  • Development of reference missions and technical performance metrics.
  • MODSIM in the development of requirements, verification of system performance and performance predictions for T&E.
  • DE system architecture to include functional decomposition and allocation of the subsystem requirements.
  • Opto-mechanical design of imaging and laser optical systems.
  • Mechanical design, finite element analysis, integrated opto-mechanical-controls models and dynamic analysis.
  • Experience in design, development and testing of laser systems, high power>100kw, low power < kilowatt, pulsed and CW.
  • Development of engineering design, assembly and integration procedures, component and system test plans, and flight test cards.
  • Hands on knowledge with the integration of EO and HEL systems on ground, marine and aerospace platforms.
  • Experience with the methodology for airworthiness safety certification, program hazard assessments and safety documentation required for the testing of laser systems on government test ranges and military aircraft.
  • Development and implementation of secure data servers for the collection and storage of unclassified and classified test data.
  • Development and implementation of the test and diagnostic equipment for laboratory, field (ground and maritime) and flight testing of EO and HEL systems.
  • Data handling and processing of test data to support post test data analysis and geospatial solutions for field/flight test.
  • Information security solutions.

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