Data and Information Technology (IT) Solutions and Services

IT/Data/Network Engineering Capabilities

Teknicare designs, manages and maintains entire secure data systems. Our systems range from single standalone computers to 100+ node networks with 600+TB (terrabytes) of SAN (Storage Area Network) storage, to full DE RDT&E programs including their test support systems. All of our government use systems go through the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process to achieve government certification and accreditation. In order to maintain government systems, our personnel maintain certifications compliant with the requirements of DoD Directive 8570 (now under DoD Directive 8140). Our staff meets all Information Assurance Technical (IAT) levels, including the high-level Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. This broad knowledge base allows our engineers to build and maintain complex networks and systems of workstations and servers.

Data Management

Our system design and integration expertise allow for large data sets with a high level of redundancy and data protection. Teknicare has the knowledge to design and build everything needed to collect, house and analyze data. Whether the data is stored on a standalone computer, in an online library such as SharePoint, or housed on a large multi-terrabyte SAN, we can design a solution to fit the specific needs.

Examples of Our Network and Data Solutions:

  • Laboratory Network

Teknicare provided complete data system design, management and maintenance for a lab network. This network consists of multiple labs across multiple buildings and spans into the office area as well. This network is physically isolated from the internet and requires files to be transferred by a process of air gap antivirus scanning and hand carrying of data to and from the network. This is a complex network that has many end nodes such as workstations and printers, also includes test equipment of power meters, oscilloscopes, data acquisition system and more. Multiple servers exist to deploy end node computer images, system updates, virus updates, group policy and user management. It also houses a large SAN (600+TB) to hold all this data. This data is replicated to a backup SAN and tape backup to create redundancy and disaster recovery capability.
  • Data System for DE Weapon T&E

Teknicare designed and built an accredited solution for testing a DE weapon system. Our engineers assisted in the network design to allow multiple subsystems to communicate to create a complete system. We also designed the network and supporting workstations, storage and other equipment to create a mobile platform to test this DE system and assisted in creating and updating the program’s data management plan to define protocols for creation, collection and distribution of all data.

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