Directed Energy and Electro-Optics Solutions and Services

DE Overview

Teknicare is involved in the RDT&E of nearly every high-energy laser weapon system in the USA, whether for air-, ground- or sea-based applications. With a strong background in physics, our engineers have vast experience with microwave DE devices and how they can be integrated with HELs. Our personnel have extensive operational and T&E experience from serving in the Army, Navy and Air Force that gives us the broad understanding needed for DE prototyping, experimentation and fielding. We have an exceptional history of working well with primes, subcontractors and government organizations, providing a bridge for lessons learned and expertise between multiple national-level HEL programs.
  • SME/Advisory and Assistance Services

Teknicare has multiple engineers, each of who has over 30 years of experience in DE RDT&E. Our goal is to work along government and prime contractor personnel in active DE programs to transfer our knowledge and lessons learned in an effective, practical way. We have developed a proven system engineering (SE) process that can be applied throughout the life cycle of DE programs to reduce risk and accelerate development and fielding. Our personnel contribute by participating in various developmental working groups, design reviews, and weekly team meetings. We submit weekly activity reports that summarize program activities, highlight risks/issues and provide recommendations for resolution. Teknicare also provides opto-mechanical designs for subsystems, such as gimbals for line-of-sight stabilization and windows for airborne beam propagation.

  • DE Program Support

Teknicare provides a wide range of services to support DE programs. In addition to providing highly experienced SMEs, we also provide:

  1. Data management and security
  2. Opto-mechanical designs including modeling and simulation
  3. Analysis of lethality and target effects
  4. Target board design
  5. Laboratory and field T&E design and support>
  6. Documentation support to government program managers
  • Environmental Health & Safety

Our safety professionals have years of experience in the fields of ground safety, flight safety, laser safety and system safety, as well as environmental regulatory compliance. We can assist in the development, management and dissemination of safety-related data and documentation required for all aspects of OSHA, Department of Defense and EPA regulations. These regulations include, but are not limited to, program-specific requirements; hardware design; laboratory buildup; testing and evaluation; hazardous materials and waste; and maintaining an overall safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Teknicare also provides preparation and presentation of safety-related briefings and training to government employees, contractors and other personnel as required. The safety officer for Teknicare, Inc. has acted as a safety observer for potentially hazardous activities, such as laser testing in the laboratory and on the field, handling hazardous materials and disposing of hazardous waste.

  • EO solutions for DE RDTE

Teknicare has experience developing and integrating low-power lasers and EO sensors for use in conjunction with HEL weapon systems and in T&E applications (e.g., atmospheric propagation instrumentation).  Low power lasers may be highly integrated and used for actively tracking targets as part of HEL fire control systems, or may be used in a standalone configuration for sensing, ranging and identification (LADAR and LIDAR).

Our electro-optical services directly complement our DE specialty. Since electro-optical stabilization is crucial to many different efforts, we have a team that focuses primarily on this field. For example, John Blackburn, our Senior Electro-Optical Mechanical Engineer, utilizes key design software like SolidWorks, Matlab, and Simulink. John discusses electro optical decisions and next-steps with Jim Johnson, our Senior Mechanical Engineer, who also has extensive design experience and performs electro-optical tasks on a daily basis.

Our EO focus is primarily on the design, development and integration of instrumentation needed to adequately test HEL systems at deployed sites (“safari” scenarios) as well as at major range and test facility bases.

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