Our Values

Our Values And Culture

We value honesty, integrity, transparency and excellence in whatever we undertake. We know that every project will have its share of difficulties, but we believe that they can be overcome through effective collaboration enabled by outstanding communications. We understand the need for peer review, especially in our cutting-edge programs and value honesty and teamwork to deliver world-class technical services to our customers. The sooner we identify and address issues, the better the outcome will be for Teknicare, our teammates and customers. 
We believe in hard work and meeting our commitments on time and on budget. We value balance between work and family life, and believe it is essential for sustained technical success.  Teknicare’s family-oriented culture of respect and encouragement creates a healthy and productive environment. We have a strong benefits package for a small company and encourage our employees to arrange their work so that they can take full advantage of their available time off.

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